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Updated industrial strategy: towards a more resilient and strategically autonomous EU industry?

Following the publication of the European Commission's Update to the New Industrial Strategy, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will be carrying out a series of activities to fulfil its role of representing the views of organised civil society. A key event in this process will be a conference held on 17 June 2021, from 2.30 to 6 p.m., on Updated industrial strategy: towards a more resilient and strategically autonomous EU industry?

The overarching objective of the conference will be to discuss the extent to which the updated industrial strategy contains sufficient elements to enhance EU industry's resilience and strategic autonomy. This topic will be tackled through two panels: the first panel will deal with strategic autonomy in strategic value chains; the second panel will deal with the impacts of the updated industrial strategy on the health industrial ecosystem


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Contaminación Admosférica

La contaminación atmosférica sigue siendo el mayor riesgo medioambiental para la salud, tanto en la UE como en el resto del mundo.

Aunque la política de aire limpio de la UE ha conseguido reducir las emisiones, sólo ha sido parcialmente eficaz para reducir la contaminación atmosférica y sus efectos negativos en la salud, la calidad de vida y el medio ambiente.

El Parlamento votó a favor de una mejor aplicación de las actuales normas de calidad del aire y pidió nuevas normas para los contaminantes no regulados que afectan a la salud.



Sustainability requirements for batteries in the EU. CCMI/178 CCMI – CESE Opinion

Batteries placed on the EU market should become sustainable, high-performing and safe all along their entire life cycle. This means batteries that are produced with the lowest possible environmental impact, using materials obtained in full respect of human rights as well as social and ecological standards. Batteries have to be long-lasting and safe, and at the end of their life, they should be repurposed, remanufactured or recycled, feeding valuable materials back into the economy.


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Circular procurement: public and private. EU Industry Days 2021

Public procurement can be a powerful tool in the transition to a sustainable and just circular economy. The aim of this workshop is to walk policymakers and decision-makers through the circular procurement process. Our goal is to share/highlight the daily concerns and huge change in mindset for those involved in procuring. We want this workshop to help policy makers tackle the bottlenecks in legislation and we hope to give a unique insight for businesses and decision-makers on how they should transform their range of products & services to enter the circular economy..


Recicla tu mascarilla

Esta mañana, de camino al trabajo me he encontrado una vez más con el panorama de ver mascarillas tiradas por el suelo.

Miles de mascarillas invaden los vertederos y océanos de todo el mundo, provocando una vez más la alteración de los ecosistemas orientados a su destrucción.

El equipo de HBA Partners tiene un compromiso con el respeto del medio ambiente. Creemos firmemente que debemos hacer un uso racional de los recursos naturales y actuando contra la contaminación derivada de los diferentes procesos de nuestra actividad industrial.

Grenpeace ha publicado un artículo relativo a la reutilización de las mascarillas. Según Greenpeace las mascarillas pueden ser lavadas a 60º y ser reutilizadas por gente sana y que no pertenezca a grupos de riesgo. Las mascarillas deben cumplir la norma UNE 0065, tener una respirabilidad menor al 60% y una filtración mayor al 90% (todo esto está indicado en el paquete).


European Green Deal: New initiatives to boost the organic farming sector

The European Commission has today launched a public consultation on its future Action Plan on Organic Farming. This sector will play an important role in achieving the European Green Deal ambition, and reaching the objectives set out in the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies. It is a priority for the Commission to ensure that the organic farming sector has the right tools in place as well as a well-functioning and consensual legal framework which is key to achieving the objective of 25% of agricultural land dedicated to organic farming.


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Stiamo lavorando con i nostri clienti per la designazione di Milano come sede del Tribunale Unificato dei Brevetti (TUB), a seguito del ritiro definitivo del Regno Unito dall’Accordo TUB.
È stato realizzato, dal Consiglio Nazionale dei Periti Industriali e dal Gruppo di lavoro Design, il documento di analisi tecnica "Perché l'Italia perché Milano!" a supporto della candidatura dell'Italia e di Milano quale sede del TUB.
Lavoreremo attivamente, nei prossimi mesi, con il Parlamento e con le altre Istituzioni Europee.
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Per info: https://lnkd.in/erTN7zS


How clean are Europe's oceans, lakes and rivers?

Plastic pollution, what you can see at the surface is only one per cent actually of what's in our seas and waters so this is absolutely insufficient to be checking visually.

55% of the world’s plastic waste comes from just 20 companies

Chemical pollution is another important issue the Bathing Water Directive does not address. Just over a third of Europe’s surface waters are thought to have a good chemical status.


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Womans Day

Women around the world are playing a key role in safeguarding our nature & environment. For more #women ruling the world, protecting the environment & creating a better world. Happy International #WomensDay


Unlocking the full potential of renewables through EU industrial policy - from emerging to commercial technologies

¿How forward-looking European policies focusing on R&I, trade policy, skills, infrastructure, and market scale can enable the EU to remain a global leader in renewable energy technologies?

The European Green Deal is a unique opportunity to strengthen European global leadership in renewable energy technologies. A coherent industrial policy can guide the investments needed to roll out renewable energy technologies at scale and deliver a socially and economically just transition.

Varapalo de la UE a las administraciones por mantener desprotegido el delta del Llobregat

La Comisión Europea ha enviado una carta de emplazamiento al gobierno español dentro del expediente abierto contra las administraciones por no proteger los ecosistemas del delta del Llobregat.

La pesca y la polución originada en Barcelona degradan la franja marina - Una cuarta parte del litoral catalán, bajo riesgo.


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EU climate law: MEPs want to increase emission reductions target to 60% by 2030

EU is one step closer to climate neutrality! Parliament's environment committee has approved the first-ever European Climate Law, which sets the target to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Find out more ➝ http://eplinkedin.eu/qttV

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Milano come candidata ad ospitare il Tribunale Unificato dei Brevetti

Primo risultato del nostro lavoro HBA Partners Public Affairs.
Il Governo Italiano ha individuato la città di Milano come candidata ad ospitare il Tribunale Unificato dei Brevetti! #publicaffairs #milano

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